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Chrisanne Baird - Turquoise Tangerine
Chrisanne Baird - Turquoise Tangerine

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Turquoise Tangerine knitted products are designed to be fun, functional but with a slightly ambiguous nature. The present quirky collection is inspired by a fascination with simple patterns and graphic forms. Colours are abundant and shoes, cars, women in dresses, arrows, and much more, all race about the surface of the soft furnishings. Cubes and cushions of varying sizes and dimensions can be played with, sat on or just admired. There are no rules.

There are also textural creations that add a further tactile element – ‘spike’, ‘squirt’ [spike’s younger brother] and the indecisive ‘mini-cube’ [the small cube with the big attitude], with is lucky dip of patterns and colours, is generally a happy fellow with only one aggressive side.

All products are presently made with knitted lambswool which has been felted for added strength and durability, but yet retains a soft and tactile quality. At turquoise tangerine colour is of great importance. There is the option of choosing your own colour combinations from a stock of 27 in-house colours, giving you more input into the final design.

Cushions and cubes also come in the choice of 8 designs [more to follow!] and can be handmade to your specifications, so you really do have the opportunity to personalise and have some fun.....

Year Established: March 2005

Chrisanne Baird - Turquoise Tangerine
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Chrisanne Baird - Turquoise Tangerine
Chrisanne Baird - Turquoise Tangerine

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