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Dana de Jonge - Twisted Leaf
Dana de Jonge - Twisted Leaf

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Traditional ropework and knotting is what got me started in my craftwork. With nautical knots as a starting point and celtic knots as inspiration, I make knotwork pieces. Using only natural ropes is a great way of bringing the symbology and beauty of this art to life and gives the pieces a natural look and feel, great for decoration on the wall or even as a tabletop and wonderful as a crafty, interesting present.

The same principles in leather thong makes for great celtic jewellery such as brooches, inked by my business partner in a range of classic celtic colours. He also makes celtic art and pictish imagery come to life on specially selected stones and slates. All are carefully hand-painted with a variety of classic celtic or pictish images. A perfect way of keeping classic celtic art alive in every house. But our range of products doesn't just end there...

Year Established: March 2005

Dana de Jonge - Twisted Leaf
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Dana de Jonge - Twisted Leaf
Dana de Jonge - Twisted Leaf

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