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We make functional and unique pots in a porcelain and stoneware mix. We decorate the pots in colours and styles which we have developed over the years to represent and reflect the local land and seascape. Each pot is unique because it is hand decorated although sets of pots are decorated as similarly as possible. The colours will not fade with time. Our interest in Celtic knotwork led us to develop a small range of pots which have knotwork embossed around the edge, based on designs in the Book of Kells. The main product in this range is the Quaich, a traditional Scottish drinking cup, the origins of which lie deep in the history of Scotland. Our work is both contemporary and traditional, combining form and function to make each of our pots a welcome gift as well as a memento of a beautiful place.

Year Established: 1992

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Uig Pottery
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Uig Pottery
Uig Pottery

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